• Behind the waterfall (DUMMY VERSION without text) - David Barreiro

     Dummy version without text of my book "Behind the waterfall" edited by DISPARA Books.
          Music: Múm - We have a map of the piano
          Video: Tono Arias
          Postproduction: Daniel Chapela
    "The photographs shown here were taken on the south coast of Iceland during the summers of 2013 and 2014. As one of the areas 
    of the country with the highest concentration of tourist attractions, this region has a large number of hotels and guesthouses operating
    almost exclusively during the summer months and attracting a large number of foreign and local seasonal workers. This book presents 
    the particular universe of this perennial community during those months of frenzied activity and situational fellowship."

    Limited edition of 500 copies

    22x26 cm / 72 pages / 38 colour plates / Softcover / English